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The beginning of a new age...

A game that sets new standards!
A game with graphics you've never even dreamed of!
A game that will keep you glued to the screen for weeks on end!
A game that is extremely realistic and breathtaking!
A game that brings never-ending enjoyment!

Go down in history- with Sudden Strike!

Plot: World War II

The Blockbuster Sudden Strike is set in World War II and offers carefully planned Russian, German, French, American and British missions.

The fantastic depth of the game, the infinite tactical possibilities and the excellent game-play outshine anything ever seen to date.

Conquer the enemy's positions, land your troops on his shores, win the cleanup operations and call in paratroops or fighter bombers for support. Whatever you can think of, you will find - in Sudden Strike!



Sudden Strike



a=lay mines
s=sweep mines
d=long range fire

z= cover



Occupying Watchtowers

Watchtowers strongly increase your units’ visibility, therefore you should always keep them manned.

Occupying Houses

Soldiers in houses or bunkers enjoy excellent cover. A fully occupied house can stop an entire infantry attack. However, if the enemy starts shelling the house with tanks or artillery, it’s time to evacuate so your men won’t be buried under the debris.

Capturing Artillery

If possible, leave enemy guns intact and don’t attack them with cannons, hand grenades or bombs, but rather with shooters, snipers or machinegun-equipped vehicles. After getting rid of the gunners, man the guns with your own soldiers and beat the enemy with his own weapons.


Reconnaissance is everything in Sudden Strike. Therefore you should deploy single units over the entire map in order to keep visible as much terrain as possible. True, 20 soldiers distributed over a large area aren’t exactly a powerful force, but they allow plenty of pre-warning time on enemy action. This is particularly important in multiplayer mode.

PAUSE, Breaks

When the game is paused (pause key), you can take your time to have a look around and make plans, and also issue orders to multiple units. These units then carry out our orders as soon as the break is over.

If the game becomes too hectic or too slow, you can set the game speed with the appropriate menu.

Repairs and Experience

It always pays off to repair damaged vehicles using the maintenance truck. Damaged units often have plenty of experience, and experience is valuable. An experienced unit shoots more accurately, sees farther, moves quicker and is harder to hit.

Blasting Trees

Trees can be a nuisance in many ways. They’re always blocking the road, your sight or your target, so sometimes you should just make short work of them – with a handful of well-placed shots.


Neglected WAY too often. Shooters can plant mines, like they should. Wherever you can expect an enemy advance, lay some mines.

This weapon should definitely be used, especially in multiplayer games. Every balloon you – not the enemy - have taken, should be liberally sprinkled with mines. This goes also for all other key positions on the map, such as bridges.

If you manage to occupy the enemy base (in locations where reinforcements enter the map), you should cover the area with mines where these reinforcements enter the map (the edge). This move is often crucial for the game’s outcome.

Detonating Bridges

An excellent method for slowing down your enemy is to blow up bridges. This often prevents surprise enemy counterattacks.

If you leave behind a few units to guard the destroyed bridge, your enemy will have a hard time repairing it.

Pontoon Bridges

You can often avoid strong enemy positions by deploying pontoon bridges across a river.

Sometimes it also pays to destroy your pontoon bridges after you’ve crossed the river, in order to keep the enemy from using them.

Using Command Chains

When you press and hold the Shift key, all commands for a unit are saved and carried out in sequence. This way you can set waypoints, for instance. A Jeep or a Kübelwagen, speeding along your waypoints through enemy troops, can often do much damage before they’re hit.

To erect multiple anti-tank obstacles select the maintenance truck, then select the anti-tank obstacles, then hold the Shift key and right-click those places where you want to erect them.

Combine Good Visibility With Far Range

Snipers (far range) and officers (good visibility) are a particularly excellent team. This combination often allows you to take out many enemy soldiers without losing a single man.

Using Combined Forces

Tanks alone are weak because they can’t see far. Only in combination with infantry they can unleash their full power.

Using Cover

You can, for example, have some soldiers (submachine gun) sneak up to a house and then lob hand grenades across the house onto a tank.

Height Differences

Affect field of sight. If you’re on a plateau, you can’t be seen from below! Hence: always occupy high ground first!

Anti-Tank Obstacles

Often neglected, but quite useful since they slow down the enemy and sometimes keep just in fighting range of your own weapons. Especially in combination with mines you can use them to direct your enemy in a particular direction.


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